Who we are

  Charles Selkirk
South Africa
Bill Selkirk
United States

  Scott Kelly
Design, Engineering & Management

Gavin Selkirk
Design, Engineering & Management
  Jim Daly
Commissioning & Specialist Services
Richard Schnehage
Design & Engineering
  Chris Schnehage
Engineering Support

Chenchu Arun
Dubai Operations

How we began

Selkirk and Selkirk was founded in 1987 by Bill and Charles Selkirk, university graduate electrical engineers with South African Professional Engineering registration, each with over 20 years’ experience in the field. Our client base has grown steadily from local to regional to national to international, with project sites located in Southern and Central Africa, China and the Middle East. We have representative offices in the Middle East (in Dubai) and the United States of America.

Where we are today

We primarily offer consulting for Electrical & Mechanical Services, specialising in design and specification for data centre infrastructure and the building industry. We have extensive knowledge and experience of IT systems infrastructure.
We have developed a reputation for cost-effective, accurate, efficient and dependable services, providing single-source integration of complex building services. In addition to in-house staff, facilities and infrastructure we have key business partners able to complement our professional services. This provides broad-based support and assistance for turn-key projects.